You can use the Fax Server role, Fax Service Manager, and other tools to build, configure, and manage a fax server, and also to control users' access to that server.

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Review concepts and requirements.

Overview of Fax Server and Fax Service Manager; fax server information at

Install the Fax Server role to install Fax Service Manager, Windows Fax and Scan, the Fax service, and the Fax printer. As part of this process, confirm that the printer was installed correctly and configure phone and modem options.

Install the Fax Server Role

Configure clients and share the Fax printer to enable users to send and receive faxes using the fax server.

Install and Share a Fax Printer for Network Users

Add a fax device and enable it to send and receive.

Add or Remove a Fax Device; Enable a Fax Device to Send; Enable a Fax Device to Receive

Configure incoming routing of faxes, including routing rules and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings.

Configure Incoming Fax Routing Methods; Configure SMTP Settings for E-Mail Routing

Configure outgoing routing of faxes—including routing rules, receipts, whether you will enable your users to create and use personal cover pages, and whether your organization will include in the banners of sent faxes.

Configure Outgoing Routing; Configure the Outbox and Outgoing Transmissions; Configure Fax Delivery Receipts

If you did not do it as part of the installation of the Fax Server role, set up user accounts for users and groups who will be able to access the fax server to send and receive faxes. Also, configure groups to define who will be able to access the inbox for the fax server.

Managing Fax Server User Accounts and Groups

Determine if you will customize cover pages and make them available to users.

Managing Cover Pages

Determine if you want to archive incoming and outgoing faxes and, if so, for how long.

Configuring Fax Archiving

Determine if you want to enable logging of fax events or other activity.

Configure Fax Event Logging; Log Incoming or Outgoing Fax Activity

Determine if you want to customize permissions for users or groups.

Set Permissions for Fax Users and Groups

Determine if you want to enable auditing.

Configure Security Auditing

Begin to use and optimize the fax server, and monitor incoming and outgoing faxes.

Managing Fax Devices and Providers; Managing Incoming Faxes; Managing Outgoing Faxes; Managing Fax Server Activity; Troubleshooting Your Fax Server

Additional considerations

To install Fax components, you must be a member of the Administrators group or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.

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