Step Reference

Review key concepts.

See Telephony Concepts.

For the telephony server, set up or select a computer that is running the Windows Server 2008 operating system. The server must either be in the same domain as the telephony clients, or be in a domain that has a two-way trust relationship with the domain containing the telephony clients.

See "Understanding Trusts" on the Microsoft Web site (

Install telephony hardware and software on the telephony server.

See manufacturer's documentation.

Enable the telephony server.

See Enable or Disable a Telephony Server.

Specify a logon account for the telephony server. You can create a specific account, such as TAPI_ADMIN.

See Change the Telephony Service Logon Account.

Designate telephony administrators who are not in the Administrators group on the telephony server.

See Designate Telephony Administrators.

Assign telephony users to lines or phones.

See Assign a Telephony User to a Line or a Phone.

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