This checklist will help you install the required components for Scan Management and get you started.

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Review the basic concepts as needed.

Overview of Scan Management

Install a scan server by installing the Print and Document Services role and the Distributed Scan Server role service.

Install and Configure a Scan Server

Configure the scan server by specifying the service account, local temporary folder, SMTP mail server, server certificate, and user security permissions.

Add Roles Wizard or Add Role Services Wizard, Adding Server Roles and Features (

Add the scan server to manage it from the Scan Management snap-in.

Add or Remove a Scan Server

Connect a suitable Web Services on Devices (WSD)–enabled scanner to your domain network.

Understanding Web Services Scanners

Add the scanner to manage it from the Scan Management snap-in.

Add or Remove a Scanner

Create a scan process for users or groups.

Understanding Scan Processes, Create a New Scan Process

At the scanner, scan a document and verify the results in Event Viewer.

View Scan Server Events

Begin to the scan server, monitor scanners, and modify scan processes for users and groups.

Managing Scan Servers, Managing Scan Processes, Managing Scanners

Additional considerations

The service account is created with more permissions than are required to run scan processes. Write and List permissions are needed in order to run scan processes. The Read permission is needed to read scan processes stored in Active Directory Domain Services. You should consider removing unneeded permissions from the service account.

You should select a certificate issued by a certification authority (CA) that is trusted by clients connecting to the scan server. The subject name of the certificate must match the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server.

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