Every computer that runs TCP/IP makes routing decisions. These decisions are controlled by the IP routing table. The routing table is a series of entries that contain information about other IP networks and IP hosts.

Membership in the local Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

To view the routing table
  1. In the RRAS MMC snap-in, expand IPv4 or IPv6.

  2. Right-click Static Routes, and then click Show IP Routing Table.

The following table shows the detail views that are available in RRAS by right-clicking a component in the navigation pane. The entries in the Views column show the information that can be displayed by clicking one of the entries in the menu that appears.

Component Views

[IPv4 or IPv6]/General

TCP/IP information

Multicast forwarding table

Multicast statistics

[IPv4 or IPv6]/General/Interface

TCP/IP information

Address translations

IP addresses

IP routing table

TCP connections

UDP listener ports

[IPv4 or IPv6]/Static Routes

IP routing table

[IPv4 or IPv6]/RIP


IP Routing/NAT

DHCP Allocator information

DNS Proxy information

[IPv4 or IPv6]/NAT/Interface


[IPv4 or IPv6]/IGMP

Group table

[IPv4 or IPv6]/IGMP/Interface

Interface group table

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