This wizard page appears when you select Network Address Translation (NAT) on the Configuration page of the RRAS Setup Wizard.

Use this wizard page to configure the network interface that connects the RRAS server and its private networks to the Internet. The interface can be a physical network adapter or you can create a new demand-dial interface.

Option Description

Use this public interface to connect to the Internet

Select this option to configure a physical network adapter as the public interface from the RRAS server to the Internet. Network address translation (NAT) translates addresses and ports from the private networks to the public addresses associated with this public connection. You can configure this option after installation by selecting Public interface connected to the Internet on the NAT tab of the IPv4-NAT-Interface-Properties page.

Create a new demand-dial interface to the Internet

Select this option to specify that a demand-dial interface is used to connect the RRAS server to the Internet. After the steps in this wizard are complete and RRAS is started, the Demand-Dial Interface Wizard is displayed.

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