To create a new snap-in console from within MMC 3.0

Perform the following steps to create a new snap-in console.

To create a new snap-in console from within MMC 3.0
  1. Do one of the following:

    • From within a snap-in console, on the File menu, click New.

    • At a command line, type mmc /a.

  2. Customize the new console by following the instructions in the table below.

Task Purpose of Task Reference

Add and organize snap-ins

Add the tools you want the snap-in console to contain.

Name the snap-in console

Add a "friendly name" in the console heading to verify that you have opened the right console.

Set the mode

By default, the snap-in console is in author mode. If you are creating the console to delegate work, you might prefer one of the user modes.

Customize views

Hide elements that might be distracting or unnecessary in a snap-in console.

  • To open the Customize View dialog box from a console, click View in the Action pane, and then click Customize; or click the View menu, and then click Customize.

Create and organize Favorites

Use the Favorites list in MMC for quick access to frequently used nodes in the tree.


If you cannot open a console in author mode, it might be because you are restricted from doing so by Local Policy or Group Policy. For more information about snap-in console access modes, see the links in the following section.

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