By using Phone Book Administrator, included with Connection Point Services (CPS), you can create a phone book file that contains a list of multiple access numbers to connect to a remote dial-up network. On the Add a Custom Phone Book wizard page, you include this phone book in your connection profile. If you provide access to the phone book file over the Internet, you can configure the profile to automatically download new versions of the phone book file whenever the client successfully connects by using this connection profile.


You can specify that your users download the phone book the first time they connect using this profile by not including the phone book file name on this page. Select the Automatically download phone book updates check box, and then type the phone book name and download location on the next wizard page. See Specify an Automatic Phone Book Update Server.

Setting Description

Phone book file

Specifies the path to the phone book file you want included in the connection profile. If you know the path to the file, you can type it in the text box. Otherwise, click Browse, and then navigate to the file.

Automatically download phone book updates

Select this check box if you want the client to check for newer versions of the phone book file, and to update it whenever this connection profile successfully connects to the network. If selected, this setting causes the Specify an Automatic Phone Book Update Server page to appear next in the wizard.

More access number text

Specifies the text that appears in the label next to the list of phone numbers displayed on the client.

For more information about custom phone books, including how to download and use Connection Point Services and Phone Book Administrator, see Providing Phone Book Support ( on the Microsoft Web site.

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