The phone numbers you supply in a custom phone book are often subject to change. Connection Point Services (CPS) provides a service for the automatic maintenance of the phone books in your connection profiles.

Use this page to specify the download location of the updated file. Every time a user connects by using this profile, Connection Manager checks the specified server to see if the phone book file has changed. If the file on the server is newer, Connection Manager downloads it and updates the phone book in the connection profile.


This page appears only if you select Automatically download phone book updates on the Add a Custom Phone Book page.

Setting Description

Phone book name

If you specified the name on the Add a Custom Phone Book page, then you cannot change it here. If you did not specify a phone book name on that page, and you selected the Automatically download phone book updates check box, then you must type the phone book file name here. The file name must be published on the CPS server specified in the Connection Point Services server text box.

Connection Point Services server

The URL of the CPS server on which you will post updated copies of the phone book.

For more information about posting new and updated phone book files on the Web for clients to access, see Providing Phone Book Support ( on the Microsoft Web site. For more information about setting up a Connection Point Services server, see Connection Point Services ( on the Microsoft Web site.

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