Item Details

Object Types

Click to choose the types of objects that you want to select. For more information about object types, see Object Types Dialog Box.


Click to define the root location from which to begin your search.

Check Names

Locates all matching or similar object names listed in the Enter the object names to select box by using the selected object types and directory location.

Enter the object names to select (examples)

Provides a space for you to type the object names that you want to find. You can search for multiple objects by separating each name with a semicolon. Use one of the following syntax examples:

DisplayName (example: FirstName LastName)

ObjectName (example: Computer1)

UserName (example: User1)

ObjectName@DomainName (example: User1@Domain1)

DomainName\ObjectName (example: Domain1\User1)


Click to select advanced search options. For more information about advanced search options, see Select Users, Computers, or Groups Dialog Box - Advanced Page.