In order to secure a computer and its resources, you must consider the rights that users will have. You can secure a computer or multiple computers by granting users or groups specific user rights. You can help secure an object, such as a file or folder, by assigning permissions to allow users or groups to perform specific actions on that object.

Item Description

Object name

Names the currently selected object.

Group or user names

Displays a list of groups or users that have been granted access to this computer.


Allows modification of security settings on this object.


If this button is unavailable, you might not have permission to modify any security settings. However, you can view them by clicking Advanced.

Permissions for

Displays a list of Allow and Deny permissions in effect for each group or user selected.


The types of permission listed will vary depending on the type of object selected. For more information, see Managing Permissions and Set permissions for print servers (

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