You can define the way resources are managed by creating custom resource allocation policies.

Task Reference

Identify applications that you want to manage and verify that the applications can be managed by Windows System Resource Manager.

Create one or more process matching criteria that will match the application or applications that you want to manage.

Working with Process Matching Criteria

Create one or more resource allocation policies that use the process matching criteria that you created to identify managed applications. It is usually best to start with CPU allocations and then refine the resource allocation policy as necessary.

Working with Resource Allocation Policies

Configure one of the new resource allocation policies to manage the computer. Alternatively, you can create a calendar event or a schedule by using the policy.


If you want to collect accounting data to see what resources the policy would manage, but you do not want to enable management yet, set the policy to Profile instead of to Manage.

Compare the performance of the managed application with your expectations and goals.

If necessary, refine the resource allocation policy by changing the CPU allocation, adding memory limits, setting CPU affinities, or applying conditions.