You can use quotas to protect the local computer and the remote computer from excessive resource use, both accidental and malicious. The following quotas are available in the basic configuration.

When a command exceeds a quota, Windows PowerShell generates an error message. For example, the following error message indicates that a command exceeded the MaximumReceivedDataSizePerCommandMB quota.

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ERROR: The total data received from the remote client exceeded allowed maximum.

To resolve the error, change the remote command to comply with the quota. Or, determine the source of the quota, and then increase the quota to allow the command to complete.

To change a quota value

  • Use the Set-Item cmdlet in the WSMan: drive or the New-PSSessionOption, Register-PSSessionConfiguration or Set-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlets to change a quota value.

    For example, the following command increases the object size quota in the Microsoft.PowerShell session configuration on the local computer from 10 MB (the default value) to 11 MB. The Force parameter suppresses all user prompts and restarts the WinRM service without prompting.

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    Set-PSSessionConfiguration -name microsoft.powershell -MaximumReceivedObjectSizeMB 11 -Force

    The following command increases the value of MaxEnvelopeSizeKB on the local computer from 150 KB (the default value) to 200 KB.

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    set-item wsman:\localhost\MaxEnvelopeSizeKB -value 200

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