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After submitting DemoJob, check the state of your tasks and verify the output of DemoJob.

To check the state of your tasks:

In HPC Job Manager, you can monitor the state of your job and tasks and view error messages in the Job View dialog box. To open the dialog box: In the job list, double-click DemoJob.

Use the following cmdlet or command to check the state of the tasks, where <ID> is the job ID associated with DemoJob:

If any of the tasks failed, use the error messages to help troubleshoot the issue.

To verify the output of DemoJob:

If all the tasks are finished, open the taskDemo.txt file and verify that the file lists the compute nodes that the job used and which Parametric Sweep subtasks ran on each node. The contents of the file should be similar to this:

Task instance ID 1
Task instance ID 3
Task instance ID 2
Task instance ID 4