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To demonstrate how Node Preparation and Node Release tasks work, the steps in this section walk through how to create a job called DemoJob. DemoJob includes a Node Preparation task, a Parametric Sweep task, and a Node Release task.

DemoJob creates a file on the head node called taskDemo.txt that lists the compute nodes that it used and which parametric subtasks ran on each node.

DemoJob runs as follows:

  1. The Node Preparation task creates a file called prep.txt on each compute node that is allocated to DemoJob, and it writes the name of the compute node to the file.

  2. Each subtask in the Parametric Sweep task writes its Task Instance ID to the prep.txt file.

  3. The Node Release task runs a batch file called cleanup.bat on each node as it is released from DemoJob. cleanup.bat contains two commands: the first command copies data from the compute node to a file on the head node called taskDemo.txt; the second command deletes the file on the compute node.

Checklist: Create and submit DemoJob

Task Description

Step 1: Create the cleanup.bat File

Create a .bat file that will be called by the Node Release task.

Step 2: Create and Submit DemoJob

Create and submit DemoJob by using HPC Job Manager, HPC PowerShell, or a Command Prompt window.