Adds a file to the specified job. BITS downloads the specified ranges from the remote file.


bitsadmin /AddFileWithRanges <Job> <RemoteURL> <LocalName> <RangeList>


Parameter Description


The job's display name or GUID


RemoteURL is the URL of the file on the server.


LocalName is the name of the file on the local computer. LocalName must contain an absolute path to the file.


RangeList is a comma-delimited list of offset and length pairs. Use a colon to separate the offset value from the length value.

More Information

  • The token eof is a valid length value within the offset and length pairs in the <RangeList>. It instructs the service to read to the end of the specified file.


The following example tells BITS to transfer 100 bytes from offset 0, 100 bytes from offset 2000, and the remaining bytes from offset 5000 to the end of the file.

C:\>bitsadmin /addfilewithranges http://downloadsrv/ c:\ "0:100,2000:100,5000:eof"

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