Import a Data Collector Set from an XML file, or export a Data Collector Set to an XML file.

For examples of how this command can be used, see Examples.


logman import <[-n] <name>> <-xml <name>> [options]
logman export <[-n] <name>> <-xml <name>> [options]


Parameter Description


Displays context-sensitive help.

-s <computer name>

Perform the command on the specified remote computer.

-config <value>

Specifies the settings file containing command options.

[-n] <name>

Name of the target object.

-xml <name>

Name of the XML file to import or export.


Send commands to Event Trace Sessions directly without saving or scheduling.

-[-]u <user [password]>

User to Run As. Entering a * for the password produces a prompt for the password. The password is not displayed when you type it at the password prompt.


Answer yes to all questions without prompting.


The following command imports the XML file c:\windows\perf_log.xml from the computer server_1 as a data collector set called perf_log.

logman import perf_log -s server_1 -xml "c:\windows\perf_log.xml"

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