Sets the options for shadow copy creation. If used without parameters, set option displays help at the command prompt.


set option {[differential | plex] [transportable] [[rollbackrecover] [txfrecover] | [noautorecover]]}


Parameter Description

[differential | plex]

Specifies to the provider the type of shadow copy to create.


Specifies that the shadow copy is not to be imported yet. The metadata .cab file can later be used to import the shadow copy to the same or a different computer.


Signals writers to use autorecover during the PostSnapshot event. This is useful if the shadow copy will be used for rollback (for example, with data mining).


Requests VSS to make the shadow copy transactionally consistent during creation.


Stops writers and the file system from performing any recovery changes to the shadow copy to a transactionally consistent state. Noautorecover cannot be used with txfrecover or rollbackrecover.

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