Sets flags for HTTP that determine if BITS should check the certificate revocation list, ignore certian certificate errors, and the policy to use when a server redirects the HTTP request. The value is an unsigned integer.


bitsadmin /SetSecurityFlags <Job> <Value>


Parameter Description


The job's display name or GUID


See Remarks


The Value parameter can contain one or more of the following notification flags.

Action Binary representation

Enable CRL Check

Set the least significant bit

Ignore invalid common name in server certificate

Set the 2nd bit from the right

Ignore invalid date in server certificate

Set the 3rd bit from the right

Ignore invalid certificate authority in server certificate

Set the 4th bit from the right

Ignore invalid usage of the certificate

Set the 5th bit from the right

Redirection policy

Controlled by the 9th to 11th bits from the right

0,0,0 - Redirects will be automatically allowed.

0,0,1 - Remote name in the IBackgroundCopyFile interface will be updated if a redirect occurs.

0,1,0 - BITS will fail the job if a redirect occurs.

Allow redirection from HTTPS to HTTP

Set the 12th bit from the right


The following example sets the security flags to enable a CRL check for the job named myJob.

C:\>bitsadmin /SetSecurityFlags myJob 0x0001

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