To create the structure of a nonstandard map

To create the structure of a nonstandard map
  • At a command prompt, type the following.

    nismap create –i fieldNumber –g  "separator" mapName

The following table describes the arguments used with the nismap command to create nonstandard map structure.

Argument Description


The number of the field that contains the key to the map.


The character used to separate fields, in quotation marks. To specify a space as a separator, enclose the space in double quotation marks (" "). For example:

nismap create –i 1 –g " " Phones

creates a map called Phones in which the key field is the first field and the separator character is a space. Other white-space characters, such as tab, are also accepted.


The name of the map.


There is no Windows interface method for this procedure. After this structure is created, there is no way to remove it. This structure applies to all NIS domains, so it is important to ensure that the format is consistent across all NIS domains. Do not use the hash character (#) as a field separator because this character is used in standard maps to mark the beginning of a comment.

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