Step Reference

Review Microsoft iSCSI Software Target concepts.

Overview of Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

Verify the Windows Firewall port exceptions and restrict the network adapters that Microsoft iSCSI Software Target uses to service storage requests.

Managing Network Connections

Implement authentication and encryption for communication between iSCSI initiators and iSCSI targets.

Managing Security

If implementing failover clustering, create a highly available instance (resource group) for iSCSI storage.

Configuring iSCSI Storage for High Availability

Use the Create iSCSI Target Wizard to set up an iSCSI target and specify iSCSI initiator access.

Creating and Managing iSCSI Targets

Use the Create Virtual Disk Wizard to create a virtual disk or use the Import Virtual Disk Wizard to import an existing virtual disk, and assign the virtual disk to an iSCSI target to provide storage on an iSCSI subsystem.

Creating and Managing Virtual Disks for iSCSI Targets

Specify one or more iSNS servers to manage access to iSCSI initiators and iSCSI targets.

Using iSNS Servers to Manage Access

Manage backup and recovery using snapshots of virtual disks and providing local access to virtual disks and snapshots.

Managing Backup and Recovery for Virtual Disks