The extranet cluster URLs are used by AD RMS clients that are outside of your internal network to connect to the AD RMS cluster for licensing and certification. Be sure to register the URLs in your Domain Name System (DNS), and verify that it is available from the Internet.

If you are adding extranet cluster URLs to an existing AD RMS cluster, new client licensor certificates (CLC) must be obtained by the current AD RMS clients. The extranet cluster URLs are added to the Extranet-License-Acquisition-URL field in the issuance license and used in AD RMS client service discovery.

Membership in the local AD RMS Enterprise Administrators, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

To add an extranet cluster URL
  1. Open the Active Directory Rights Management Services console and connect to the AD RMS cluster.

  2. Right-click the cluster, and then click Properties.

  3. Click the Cluster URLs tab.

  4. In the Extranet cluster URLs area, click the Extranet URLs check box, and then specify the URLs from which you want external users to acquire licenses. You can also select either HTTP or HTTPS.

  5. Click Apply.

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