This properties sheet contains the following tabs:

Trusted User Domains tab

Parameter Details

Display name

Display name of the trusted user domain (TUD). This name is assigned when the TUD is imported from another root cluster.


Identifies whether the certificate is internal or external to the AD DS forest.


Date that the imported TUD will expire.

Enable licensing to SIDs for these e-mail domains

Gives the option to issue licenses to SIDs as opposed to using just the E-mail address attribute in AD DS.

Trusted E-mail Domains tab

Parameter Details

Trust all e-mail domains

This default setting allows all e-mail domains contained in the TUD to acquire AD RMS licenses and certificates.

Trust only specified e-mail domains

Use this option when not all e-mail domains in the TUD should be trusted. All trusted e-mail domains must be added to this list.

Trusted e-mail domains

List of all trusted e-mail domains in the TUD.

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