Creating an NFS shared network resource

To create a shared resource using the Windows interface
  1. Open Windows Explorer: click Start, point to Programs or All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer.

  2. In the details pane, right-click the shared directory you want to manage.

  3. Click NFS Sharing.

  4. Select Share this Folder.

  5. Type a name for the shared resource in the Share Name text box.

  6. Click Apply.

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To create a shared resource using the command prompt
  1. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges.

    1. Click Start, and then select All Programs.

    2. Point to Accessories, right-click the Command Prompt icon, and then select Run as administrator.

  2. At the command prompt, type:

    nfsshare ShareName=drive:path

    Argument Description


    The name of the directory to share.

    • To view the complete syntax for this command, at a command prompt, type:
    • nfsshare /?

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