Topic Last Modified: 2007-05-16

Use the Identification dialog box to specify the IP address and TCP port that are used to communicate with this SMTP virtual server. Port 25 is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) standard TCP port. Port 25 is recommended. More than one virtual server can use port 25 if the virtual servers are associated with different IP addresses. You can configure the following options on the Identification dialog box.

IP address

Use this option to specify the IP addresses that are used by this SMTP virtual server. You can select [All Unassigned] to specify that the SMTP virtual server can use all IP addresses that are not specifically assigned to other SMTP virtual servers. To select a specific IP address, use the drop-down box and select an IP address that is defined on the computer that is running Windows Server 2008 SMTP Server from the list. To configure multiple IP addresses for a server, click Start, select Control Panel, and then click Network and Sharing Center.

TCP port

Type the TCP port number that is used to connect to this SMTP virtual server. The default port is port 25. SMTP virtual servers are identified by their IP address/TCP port number combination. Therefore, more than one SMTP virtual server can use the same TCP port if the virtual servers are assigned different IP addresses. If you assign an IP/TCP port number combination to an SMTP virtual server that is already being used, that virtual server will not start. For a new port number to take effect, you must restart your computer.