Topic Last Modified: 2007-05-16

All the Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 components that are set for your computer are displayed in Microsoft Management Console. Windows Server 2008 SMTP Server is represented as SMTP virtual server nodes in the console tree of Microsoft Management Console. When you select a node, detailed information about the node is displayed in the results pane. The following table provides descriptions of the computer and SMTP virtual server nodes.

Node Icon Description


Computer Icon

This is the main administrative component of IIS. It displays information about each IIS service, including its operational status, the IP address, and the port.

SMTP virtual server

E-mail delivery icon

This is the main administrative component of SMTP Server. It provides access to the tabs for configuring the SMTP virtual server.


Icon-Two e-mails being delivered

These are organizational components of SMTP virtual servers. The node provides access to the Domain Properties dialog box for creating and configuring domains, and displays information about all domains set up on the virtual server.

Current sessions

Person's head indicating session status

The results pane provides status information about using the SMTP virtual server. The results pane lists the user, source location, and connected time for each active session.