Topic Last Modified: 2007-05-17

After you have configured your system, you can review the design by tracking system performance. You can use Reliability and Performance Monitor to log actual workload statistics for any system objects that you want to review. Then you can analyze the logging data to determine whether configuration adjustments are required to make sure that messages are processed efficiently.

You can customize the logging process to track different types of information. You select the system objects that you want to monitor, and then set counters to track their performance. To fine-tune the tracking and increase administrator response time to events, you can set Reliability and Performance Monitor to generate a warning whenever a counter exceeds or drops below a measurement that you specify. After the data is generated, you can export it to spreadsheets or databases for additional review and analysis.

Monitoring options include the following:

For more information about how to use Reliability and Performance Monitor, see your Windows Server 2008 documentation.