Topic Last Modified: 2007-01-23

You can grant or deny Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) virtual server access to specific IP addresses. By default, the SMTP virtual server is accessible to all IP addresses. You can set restrictions by specifying a single IP address, a group of addresses using a subnet mask, or a domain name.


To set IP address access restrictions

  1. In Microsoft Management Console, select the SMTP virtual server, and then click Properties on the Action menu.

  2. On the Access tab, under Connection control, click Connection to open the Connection dialog box.

  3. Select either Only the list below or All except the list below.

  4. To add to the list of computers, click Add. The Computer dialog box will open.

    To specify a single IP address, click Single computer and enter an IP address.

    To specify a group of addresses, click Group of computers and enter a subnet address and subnet mask.

    To specify a domain, click Domain and enter the domain name. Click OK.

  5. To delete from the list of computers, select a listing and then click Remove.