Use the Specify Site Connection Details wizard page to specify the site to which you want to connect in IIS Manager. The server administrator should give you the information that you must have to connect to the site.

If you receive an error when you try to connect to the server, check for the following possible issues:

UI Element List

Element Name


Server name

Type the name of the server that hosts the site to which you want to connect. If the server is using a port other than 8172 (the default port configured for the management service), type the server name and the port number separated by a colon (:). For example, type contoso:8080 to connect to a server named contoso with the management service configured to accept connections on port 8080. Alternately, you can type the IPv4 or IPv6 address in block braces ([]).

Site name

Type the friendly name of the site to which you want to connect.

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