To specify categories in which to manage applications
  1. Open Group Policy Software Installation.

  2. In the console tree, right-click Software installation.

  3. Click Properties, and then click the Categories tab.

  4. To create or change the list of categories under which programs appear in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel, do any of the following:

    • To create a new category, click Add, and then type the new category name. If you do not have permission to add categories, the Add button is unavailable.

    • To modify an existing category, click the category that you want to modify, click Modify, and then change the text of the selected category. If you do not have permission to edit categories, the Modify button is unavailable.

    • To remove a category from the Categories list, click the category name, and then click Remove. If you do not have permission to edit categories, the Remove button is unavailable.

Additional considerations

  • To complete this procedure, you must have Edit setting permission to edit a GPO. By default, members of the Domain Administrators security group, the Enterprise Administrators security group, or the Group Policy Creator Owners security group have Edit setting permission to edit a GPO.

  • The changes that you make to the application categories apply throughout the domain in which this Group Policy object is stored.