To determine Resultant Set of Policy
  1. In the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) console tree, double-click the forest in which you want to create a Group Policy Results query, right-click Group Policy Results, and then click Group Policy Results Wizard.

  2. In the Group Policy Results Wizard, click Next and enter the appropriate information.

  3. After you complete the wizard, click Finish.

  4. If you want to print or save the report, right-click the settings report in the details pane and do one of the following:

    • Select Print to print the report.

    • Select Save Report to save the report.

Additional considerations

  • To access Group Policy Results data for a user or computer, you must have Read Group Policy Results Data permission on the domain or organizational unit that contains the user or computer, or you must be a member of a local administrator's group on the targeted computer.

  • If you run Group Policy Results on a computer that does not support Group Policy Preferences and you select a destination computer that does support Group Policy Preferences, the Group Policy Preferences settings of the destination computer will not appear in the report results.

  • To customize the information displayed in a report, click Show or Hide to display only the data you want to view or print.

  • Within the GPMC, you cannot use the keyboard to navigate inside an HTML report. To browse inside the HTML report, save the report to a file and then use Internet Explorer to view the report.

  • If you open a previously saved console and want to save a Group Policy Modeling or Group Policy Results report in XML, rerun the report by using the Rerun Query option.

  • To view a saved report in a Web browser, you must use Internet Explorer® 6 or later.

  • Group Policy Results is supported only on computers running Windows XP and later.

Additional references