Step Reference

Configure e-mail settings if you plan to send threshold notifications or storage reports by e-mail.

Configure E-Mail Notifications

Assess storage requirements on the volume or folder. You can use reports on the Storage Reports Management node to provide data. (For example, run a Files by Owner report on demand to identify users who use large amounts of disk space.)

Generate Reports on Demand

Review available preconfigured quota templates. (In Quota Management, click the Quota Templates node.)


Create a new quota template to enforce a storage policy in your organization.

Edit Quota Template Properties


Create a Quota Template

Create a quota based on the template on the volume or folder.


Create an auto apply quota to automatically generate quotas for subfolders on the volume or folder.

Create a Quota


Create an Auto Apply Quota

Schedule a report task that contains a Quota Usage report to monitor quota usage periodically.

Schedule a Set of Reports


If you want to screen files on a volume or folder, see Checklist: Apply a File Screen to a Volume or Folder.