You use the Create Quota dialog box to create new quotas, which allow you to set a limit on the space that is allowed for a volume or folder. You can create a custom quota or derive a new quota from an existing template.

We recommend deriving quotas from templates. This simplifies the management of quotas because you can automatically update all quotas that are based on a specific template by editing that template.

The quota that you create can be an auto apply quota. With an auto apply quota, you assign a quota template to a parent volume or folder. Quotas based on that template are then automatically generated and applied to each of the existing subfolders and to any subfolders created in the future.


Item Details

Quota path

Provides a text box for you to type the quota path. (Or click Browse to browse for the quota path.)

Create quota on path

Specifies that the quota be created on the path of the volume or folder.

Auto apply template and create quotas on existing and new subfolders

Specifies that quotas that are based on a template will be automatically generated and applied to existing and new subfolders on the path of the parent volume or folder.

Derive properties from this quota template (recommended)

Specifies that the properties of the new quota are copied from an existing quota template. The list box lists the quota templates that you can derive properties from.

Define custom quota properties

Specifies that you will define custom properties for the quota. To set the custom properties, click Custom Properties to open the Quota Properties dialog box.

Summary of quota properties

Lists a summary of properties for this quota.


Completes the quota creation process.