By using auto apply quotas, you can assign a quota template to a parent volume or folder. Then File Server Resource Manager automatically generates quotas that are based on that template. Quotas are generated for each of the existing subfolders and for subfolders that you create in the future.

For example, you can define an auto apply quota for subfolders that are created on demand, for roaming profile users, or for new users. Every time a subfolder is created, a new quota entry is automatically generated by using the template from the parent folder. These automatically generated quota entries can then be viewed as individual quotas under the Quotas node. Each quota entry can be maintained separately.

To create an auto apply quota
  1. In Quota Management, click the Quotas node.

  2. Right-click Quotas, and then click Create Quota (or select Create Quota from the Actions pane). This opens the Create Quota dialog box.

  3. Under Quota path, type the name of or browse to the parent folder that the quota profile will apply to. The auto apply quota will be applied to each of the subfolders (current and future) in this folder.

  4. Click Auto apply template and create quotas on existing and new subfolders.

  5. Under Derive properties from this quota template, select the quota template that you want to apply from the drop-down list. Note that each template's properties are displayed under Summary of quota properties.

  6. Click Create.


You can verify all automatically generated quotas by selecting the Quotas node and then selecting Refresh. An individual quota for each subfolder and the auto apply quota profile in the parent volume or folder are listed.