To reduce the number of notifications that accumulate for repeatedly exceeding a quota threshold or attempting to save an unauthorized file, File Server Resource Manager applies time limits to the following notification types:

Each limit specifies a period of time before another configured notification of the same type is generated for an identical issue.

A default 60-minute limit is set for each notification type, but you can change these limits. The limit applies to all the notifications of a given type, whether they are generated by quota thresholds or by file screening events.

To specify a standard notification limit for each notification type
  1. In the console tree, right-click File Server Resource Manager, and then click Configure Options. The File Server Resource Manager Options dialog box opens.

  2. On the Notification Limits tab, enter a value in minutes for each notification type that is shown.

  3. Click OK.


To customize time limits that are associated with notifications for a specific quota or file screen, you can use the File Server Resource Manager command-line tools Dirquota.exe and Filescrn.exe.