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Specifies a cost value to set the preference for using this site link instead of another site link that is capable of routing replication to the same site.

When more than one route is available between two sites, intersite replication occurs on the route with the least cost. If a domain controller is not available at the time that the replication topology is created, which makes replication through that site impossible, the next least-cost route is used. This rerouting is automatic when site links are bridged (transitive), which is the default setting.

Replicate every ___ minutes

Specifies the duration, in minutes, between replication events over this site link. Replication occurs with this frequency during times when replication over this site link is scheduled to be available.

The smallest replication interval is 15 minutes.

Change Schedule or View Schedule

To check or change this link's schedule, click Change Schedule.

When you are logged on with an account that does not have sufficient credentials to change the schedule, the available option is View Schedule.

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