Item Details

Application Name

The name of the DCOM application.

Application ID

This unique application ID is generated automatically when an application is created. You can use it to identify particular versions of the application on a computer.

Application Type

The type of application, including whether the application is on the local computer or on another computer in the network.

Authentication Level

In the drop-down box, select the packet-level security that this application uses for communication. The following security settings are in order from lowest security to highest security:

  • None: No authentication occurs.

  • Connect: Authenticates credentials only when the connection is made.

  • Call: Authenticates credentials at the beginning of every call.

  • Packet: Authenticates credentials and verifies that all call data is received. This is the default setting for COM+ server applications.

  • Packet Integrity: Authenticates credentials and verifies that no call data has been modified in transit.

  • Packet Privacy: Authenticates credentials and encrypts the packet, including the data and the sender's identity and signature.

Local Path or Service Name

If Application Type is Local Server, Local Path indicates the full path to the application. If Application Type is Local Service, Service Name appears.