Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) fully complies with Windows Backup and Restore functionality.

However, backup and restore applies only to the local computer resources. Therefore, if there are active transactions spanning different computers, transactional consistency cannot be guaranteed.

To avoid problems, make sure that there are no incomplete transactions during backup or restore operations under the following conditions:

To determine if a computer is using a remote coordinator
  1. Open the Component Services snap-in.

  2. Right-click the computer whose transaction coordinator settings you want to change (for example, My Computer), and then click Properties.

  3. In the properties dialog box for the computer, click the MSDTC tab.

  4. If the Use local coordinator check box is cleared, the computer name that is listed in Remote coordinator host name indicates the remote coordinator that is being used by the computer.

  5. Click OK.

To view and resolve existing transactions
  1. Open the Component Services snap-in on the computer that is acting as the coordinator for transactions.

  2. Double-click Computers, My Computer, Distributed Transaction Coordinator, and Local DTC, and then click Transaction List.

    The list view displays all incomplete transactions.

  3. To resolve an incomplete transaction, right-click the transaction, and then click Resolve. Select Commit, Abort, or Forget as necessary.

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