Setting up Online Responder services involves several interrelated steps. Several of these steps must be performed on the certification authority (CA) that will be used to issue the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) signing certificates necessary for an Online Responder to function. These steps include configuring the appropriate certificate template, enabling the certificate template, and configuring and completing certificate autoenrollment so that the computer hosting the Online Responder has the certificates needed for the Online Responder to function.

Installation and configuration of an Online Responder involves using Server Manager to install the Online Responder service, the Certificate Templates snap-in to configure and publish OCSP Response Signing certificate templates, the Certification Authority snap-in to include OCSP extensions in the certificates that it will issue and to issue OCSP Response Signing certificates, and the Online Responder snap-in to create a revocation configuration.

The following topics describe the steps needed to complete these installation and configuration steps and how to verify that the installation was successful.