A task is a collection of operations or other tasks that are meaningful to an administrator as a unit of work requiring authorization. By contrast, operations might be meaningful only to application developers.

The following table describes the UI elements for this dialog box.

Item Description


Provides a space for you to type the name of the new task.

You are prevented from entering a name that already exists in this scope. It cannot contain any of the characters \ / : * ? " < > | and [Tab]. The name of a task has a maximum size limit of 64 bytes.


Provides a space for you to type the description of the new task.

The description does not affect the functionality of Authorization Manager and should be meaningful to you. The description has a maximum size limit of 1,024 bytes.

The operations and lower-level tasks that define this task

Lists the operations and specific tasks that define this task.


Adds a task to the list.


Removes the selected task or operation from the list. To make this button available, select an item in the list.

Authorization Rule

Click to set an authorization rule for the task definition. An authorization rule determines whether the task is allowed. For example, the following VBScript always grants permission:

AzBizRuleContext.BusinessRuleResult = True

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