Use this dialog box to configure the network connections that are protected by the rules associated with a specified network profile.

To get to this dialog box
  1. From the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security MMC snap-in, in Overview, click Windows Firewall properties.

  2. Select the tab that corresponds to the firewall profile you want to configure.

  3. In State, next to Protected network connections, click Customize.

The list contains the network connections that are currently configured on the computer. By default, all network connections are selected and therefore protected.

You typically see one connection for each wired network adapter, each wireless network adapter, and each configured remote network connection (such as a VPN). Select the box next to the entry for each connection that you want protected by the rules that are assigned to the currently selected profile (the currently selected tab). Each entry is shown by its descriptive name.

If you clear the check box, then that network connection is not subject to the rules in the current profile when that network connection is connected to a network that matches the profile.

For more information about a particular network connection, use the Network and Sharing Center. To open the Network and Sharing Center, click Start, click Control Panel, click Network and Internet, and then click Network and Sharing Center. To rename a network connection, click Change adapter settings, right-click the adapter, click Rename, and then type a descriptive name for the network connection. The Network and Sharing Center also allows you to reclassify a public network to private, and vice versa. You cannot reclassify a network to or from the domain type.

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