Use these options to configure the way in which Windows Firewall with Advanced Security responds to connection requests from or to services.

To get to this dialog box
  • You can specify both a program and a service in the same firewall rule. Both conditions must be met for the rule to apply to the requested connection.
  • When you select the Apply to services only option, any service running as the LocalSystem or NetworkService accounts have appropriate access. When you select an option where you specify one or more services, the security identifier (SID) for the specified service is given access.

Apply to all programs and services

Use this option to apply the rule to all processes within the program specified in the Programs entry.

Apply to services only

Use this option to apply the rule only to services, not to other processes.

Apply to this service

From the list, select the service to which you want the rule to be applied.

Apply to service with this service short name

Specify the short name of the service to which you want the rule to be applied. You can specify any short name even if it is not in the list. Misspelled short names and short names that do not specify a service will be ignored. This option is useful when defining a rule for a Group Policy object (GPO) and the service referenced in the rule is not installed or running on the computer on which you are modifying the rule.

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