Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption provides increased security for communication between client computers and the Web server support that hosts distributed applications. We strongly recommend that you use SSL with Application Server.

The list of certificates is filtered according to the key usages and enhanced key usages (EKUs) that are appropriate for the type of certificates that the role requires. If you import a certificate into the list that does not meet the key usage and EKU requirements, the imported certificate will not appear because it will be filtered from the list. For more information about how certificates work, see How Certificates Work (


If you use SSL encryption, you must have an SSL authentication certificate. If you have already obtained and installed an authentication certificate for the installation of Web server support for your distributed applications, you do not have to install another certificate. For a procedure to configure SSL on a Web server or a Web site, see IIS 7.0 Beta: Configuring Server Certificates in IIS 7.0 (