The Net.Tcp Port Sharing service makes it possible for multiple Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services that are using the net.tcp protocol to listen on a single TCP port. Port sharing reduces the number of firewall exceptions that are necessary to host WCF services by allowing the use of common ports that are already open.

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Your application must use the Net.Tcp Port Sharing feature. The developer writes the application to use the NetTcpBinding binding (a .NET 3.0 Class) to connect WCF applications. WCF exposes port sharing as a configurable option on the binding.

How to: Configure a WCF Service to use Port Sharing (

Review the features and functions of the Net.Tcp Port Sharing service. When port sharing is enabled, you can run the service multiple times without having a conflict over the port number.

TCP Port Sharing and Application Server

Enable port sharing on Application Server by installing the Application Server role with the Add Roles Wizard and selecting the TCP Port Sharing role service.

Install the Application Server Role on Your Server

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