To view or edit the properties of a process matching criterion, in the console tree, expand Process Matching Criteria, right-click the name of the criterion you want to view or edit, and then click Properties.

Tab Details


You can add, edit, or remove rules that are used to match processes to the process matching criterion.

To modify or delete an existing rule, click the rule, and then click Edit or Remove.

To create a new rule, click Add.

For more information about creating process matching criteria, see Working with Process Matching Criteria.


When you modify a process matching criterion, you might also want to modify resource allocation policies that are dependent on the criterion. The Dependencies tab lists all the resource allocation policies on the local computer that identify processes for management by using the current process matching criterion.

To view or modify the properties of a dependent resource allocation policy, click the name of the resource allocation policy in the list, and then click Properties.

For more information about editing resource allocation policies, see Add or Edit Resource Allocation Dialog Box.