This topic describes an ObjectModelRoot object. It is an instance of the Microsoft.PowerShell.Host.ISE.ObjectModelRoot class. The $psISE object, which is the principal root object in Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) belongs to this class. This topic describes the properties of the ObjectModelRoot object.



A read-only property that gets or sets the file associated with this host object that currently has the focus.


A read-only property that gets the PowerShell tab that has the focus.


A read-only property that gets the various options available to change settings in Windows PowerShell ISE.


A read-only property that gets the collection of the PowerShell tabs that are open in Windows PowerShell ISE. By default, this object contains one PowerShell tab. However, you can add more PowerShell tabs to this object by using scripts or by using the menus in Windows PowerShell ISE.

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