Gets the services on a local or remote computer.


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Get-Service [[-Name] <string[]>] [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-DependentServices] [-Exclude <string[]>] [-Include <string[]>] [-RequiredServices] [<CommonParameters>]

Get-Service -DisplayName <string[]> [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-DependentServices] [-Exclude <string[]>] [-Include <string[]>] [-RequiredServices] [<CommonParameters>]

Get-Service [-InputObject <ServiceController[]>] [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-DependentServices] [-Exclude <string[]>] [-Include <string[]>] [-RequiredServices] [<CommonParameters>]


The Get-Service cmdlet gets objects that represent the services on a local computer or on a remote computer, including running and stopped services.

You can direct Get-Service to get only particular services by specifying the service name or display name of the services, or you can pipe service objects to Get-Service.


-ComputerName <string[]>