Assists administrators in Domain Name System (DNS) management.


DnsCmd <ServerName> <Command> [<Command Parameters>]


Parameter Description


IP address or host name on a remote or local DNS server.


Command Description


Get server information.


Reset server or zone configuration.


Enumerate zones.


Query or clear server statistics data.


Clear DNS server cache.


Write back all zone or root-hint datafile(s).


Initiates server scavenging.


Validate remote DNS servers.


Set server IP address(es) to serve DNS requests.


Set DNS servers to forward recursive queries.


View zone information.


Create a new zone on the DNS server.


Delete a zone from the DNS server.


Pause a zone.


Resume a zone.


Reload zone from its database.


Write back zone to file.


Force refresh of secondary zone from master zone.


Update a DS integrated zone by data from DS.


Display all records in the zone.


Change zone type.


Reset secondary information for a zone.