After you have at least one boot image and one install image on the server, you can deploy an install image. To PXE boot a computer to install an image, complete the steps in this section.

To install an operating system
  1. Configure the BIOS of the computer to enable PXE booting, and then set the boot order so that the computer boots from the network first.

  2. Restart the computer and when prompted, press F12 to initiate a network boot.

  3. If you are presented with a boot image selection screen, select the appropriate boot image. This screen will only be available if you have two or more boot images on the Windows Deployment Services server. For more information, see Add a Boot or Install Image.

  4. On the first screen of the Windows Deployment Services client user interface, select the locale and input method, and click Next.

  5. When prompted, provide a user name and password with sufficient credentials to install images from the Windows Deployment Services server.

  6. Continue to follow the instructions provided in the Windows Deployment Services client user interface.

  7. When image installation is complete, the computer will restart and Windows Setup will continue.

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