Ink and Handwriting Services are optional role features that provide support for pen input and recognition for handwriting and math expressions. The Handwriting Recognition feature requires that Ink Support be installed.

For more information on Ink and Handwriting Services, see Ink and Handwriting Services.

What is Handwriting Recognition?

Handwriting Recognition allows users to launch the Tablet Input Panel (TIP), write in their desired language and insert the automatically converted, recognized text into applications such as Microsoft Outlook® or Word. Personalization, a feature of handwriting recognition, enables the recognizer to learn how and what a user writes, improving that user's handwriting experience over time.

What is Ink Support?

The Ink Support feature includes Tablet PC-related components that were previously included in the Desktop Experience pack for Windows Server 2008, e.g., support for user input using pen digitizers, mice, and touch-screen devices.