The Integration Components package contains integration features, which improve the interactions between the virtual machine and the physical computer. For more information, see About integration features.

To install or upgrade the Integration Components package
  1. If the virtual machine is not running, start the virtual machine.

  2. If the virtual machine is not configured to log you on automatically, log on.

  3. From the Tools menu of the virtual machine window, click Install Integration Components.

  4. The installation should start after a few seconds. If this does not happen, click the desktop of the virtual machine and then open the CD drive of the virtual machine. Double-click Setup.exe.

  5. Proceed through the pages of the wizard to install the integration components.

  6. To complete the installation, you must restart the virtual machine. From the Action menu of the virtual machine window, click Restart.


After the Integration Components package is installed, you can turn some of the integration features on or off by modifying the virtual machine settings. Mouse integration and time synchronization are always on when the package is installed. For general instructions about modifying virtual machine settings, see Configuring a virtual machine.

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